Tevlon 3D


Take control of your ship and engage the enemy in this 3D shooter made in AS3 and papervision3d. This is a collaboration with our good friend Jan Rigerl. His 3D engine provides stunning visuals. I dropped my jaw when he demo:d this to me the first time. Sound by Daniel Beckman. We couldnt tilt the landscape more because of performance issues. Hope you like it! As always, all constructive feedback and tips are most welcome. if you think this is cool wed love to make more stuff in 3D. Tell us what you think.

W, A, S, D or ARROW keys to move Z and X keys to strafe SPACE to fire UPDATE: Its made in AS3 so we couldnt figure how to make a loader to it, so please be patient while it loads, its not going to show loading progress. Should be quick, its only 1.2 megs.